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1st Trimester Party Games Kit & Prizes(8)

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1st Trimester Party Games Kit & Prizes(8)

We have now entered into the 1st Trimester zone so we have put together a set of great 1st Trimester games that your guests will enjoy. So lets see what they will get in the games kit: Pin the sperm and Egg Game everyone's favourite will that why were all here! This is a take on the old favourite Pin The Tail on The donkey but now you can fertilize the egg with our unique sperm stickers. We provided an A3 poster with an image of a Uterus. Baby shower Stork charades lets start acting out and see if the others can guess what you are trying to do! Our favourite Trimester quiz game for 8 people test your guests knowledge do they really know what happens in each Trimester? We will also provide a prediction sheet so each guests can write their predictions about the baby. We will also provide 8 exclusive rock sweets for each guests and 2x bath fizzers as game prizes. Enjoy the 1st Trimester challenges.