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2nd Trimester Party Games Kit & Prizes(8)

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2nd Trimester Party Games Kit & Prizes(8)

Lets try trimester 2 challenge. We have put together some of the fun games that relate to trimester 2 part of pregnancy so which game swill you play with your guests. We have included Pin My Nappy well the baby will be here soon lets start practising now. You will be provided with an A3 poster and 15 nappy Pins whoever gets closest to the placing the nappy pin on the baby wins the qualify for baby sitting duties (well you add a twist to the prize winner). Well in the 2nd Trimester baby scan has been taken but can you guess which parts of the body they relate to its not that easy. We will provide you with 8 game cards 11 scans and 1 answer card. Finally Mum Tum is just that little bit bigger but how big? We will provide you with a 150ft of tummy garland and all you need to do is let each guests cut off as much as they think will fit round the largest part of mums tum and they win!! Finally who knows mum best? These challenging questions will have your guests asking each other questions to see who really does know mum best. We played this at my sisters Baby Shower it went down a treat. 8 Cards will be provided. We will also provide 8 Rock sweets with baby shower, it's a boy and it's a girl mixture pack and 4 bath fizzer game prizes. Enjoy