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3rd Trimester Party Games Kit & Prizes(12)

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3rd Trimester Party Games Kit & Prizes(12)

Lets try trimester 3 challenge. We have put together some of the fun games that relate to 3rd trimester part of pregnancy so which games will you play with your guests. We have included Feed The baby well the baby will be here soon lets start practising now. You will be provided with an A3 poster and 32 bottles whoever gets closest to the placing the bottle on the baby's mouth wins. wins the qualify for baby sitting duties (well you add a twist to the prize winner). Well in the 3rd Trimester mums water is going to break at some point so lets play My water has broken game. We will provide you with 12 water broke babies, stick them in ice cubes and once frozen hand them to your guests or stick them in their drinks (please note should only be used for adults and care taken to prevent choking) We will provide you with 8 advice cards for your words of wisdom for the mum. Find the rattle games. Place the mini rattles in a bowl of rice and each guest needs to be blindfolded and they have to pull out as many rattles as they can for the baby to play with. Please note the rattles will be pink OR blue. Finally guess the baby, ask each guests to bring a picture of themselves when they were babies and then each guest has to guess who is who. We will also provide 8 Rock sweets with baby shower, it's a boy and it's a girl mixture pack and 4 bath fizzer game prizes. Enjoy