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A Sperm & Egg Baby Shower Adult Game (24)

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A Sperm & Egg Baby Shower Adult Game (24)

This hysterical game based on the old favourite Pin the Tail on the Donkey is the adult version: Stick on the Sperm and Fertilize the Egg. There are enough sperm stickers for 24 people with space for each guests first name. Simply blindfold, twirl them around a few times, hand them a sticker and let them fertilize. The closest to the egg wins. How many times will it take to fertilise the egg! You can even personalise the game with your own slogan, here are a few to help you along: Who's the Daddy! Fertilize Zara's egg! Or simply have our standard text: Come To Mama! The game comes with a A3 poster, 24 Sperm stickers.   Please note this is an Adult Game!