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Baby Hand & Foot Print Kit (Unisex)

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unisex handandfootprint kit

Baby Inkless hand and foot print kits ideal to frame (not provided) and have a keepsake. The kit contains 2x a5 sheet of special paper and a one sachet of the inkless wipe

  • Non-toxic and safe to use! Developed in the USA to footprint newborn babies for indentification.
  • Clean and easy to use - No ink, no mess!!
  • Create your own perfect, precious keepsakes. Capture the images of tiny hand and foot prints.

Simply wipe your baby's hand or foot with the inkless wipe, press onto the special paper, lift and watch the image magically appear! No ink, no mess!! A clean, easy-to-use method of producing quality prints - without the use of messy inks.

The wipes are non toxic and safe to use from birth - this system is used in hospitals in the USA to footprint newborn babies.

The standard size sheets of paper are 14cm x 21.7cm  (5.5" x 8.5")