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Baby Milestone Cards (28)

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Baby Milestone Cards (28)

28 Baby Milestone Cards Woodland Design Ideal baby photo cards.

Beautifully designed Baby milestone cards featuring cute woodland animals ideal as a Baby shower gift or a newborn baby gift. Each card is printed on 350gms stock card front and back presented a box for safe keeping

Size is 12cmx12cm Allowing each memorable milestone to be recorderd.

There are 28 cards with all of the following: 1st Card allows you to input Baby name and date of birth, time etc 1 month old 2 months old 3 months old 4 months old 5 months old 6 months old 7 months old 8 months old 9 months old 1st Birthday 1st Christmas 1st Halloween 1st Easter 1st Bath 1st Solid Food 1st Smile My 1st Crawl 1st Time Sitting Up My 1st Roll My 1st Step My 1st Selfie Today I stood Up I slept through the night My 1st Tooth My 1st Word