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Baby Shower Banner Decoration Personalise

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Baby Shower Banner Decoration Personalise

Unisex Baby Shower banners: Unique decorations bunting made of good quality Card A5 in size. * cards supplied with 2m of natural twine.

With a vintage floral theme ideal for Baby shower tea party, floral theme garden theme. Each banner has a unique text and is supplied with Twine. Simply thread the twine through each banner. There is even a space for you to personalise with Mum To be's Name and Baby's name or surname. Plus the last banner allows each guest to sign there name. This is a unique banner that allows you to make it your own. Each Banner reads as follows, But you can change order as wish:

Each Card reads as follows:





For Mum To Be ....... (space for you to put mum's name)

Welcome To The World

Baby ......... (space for you to add baby's name)

Our Guests ....... (Area for your guests to sign their name and leave messages if they wish)

Ideal for a Baby Shower Party. The Back of the card is left blank so guests can write draw pictures for the Baby, write nursery rhymes which they can illustrate or make allow your guests to be creative in how they present 123 or Abc or both. Let their imaginations run and let them be creative

Unisex Baby Shower Decorations

Unisex Baby Shower Bunting