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Baby Shower Games Boy 5 Pack

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Baby Shower Games Boy 5 Pack

Fun and enjoyable boy Baby Shower games host your baby shower with these 5 games to play they are our best selling games and ideal for a group of people as they are ideal for up to 24 guests. The pack comes complete with  How big is mums tummy game, little babies with blue nappies for the frozen baby game. Simply put the babies into ice cube trays and freeze in the freezer and then when guests come simply put them in their drinks and the first persons who's ice cube melts wins, or they can be just used as props. Or play another game by placing the mini babies into a bowl of rice and see how many each guest can pick in short period of time eg 20 secs. We also have a blue trio game pamphlet that has 3 very popular games including:

  • Left and right game great fun with a team of people, baby shower pass the parcel story version
  • Who knows Mum best answer a number of questions to see who really does know mum and
  • also Read Mums Mind.

The latter game allows mum to list  10 things on the game sheet provided and guests have to do the same pens and papers will be required. The person that gets the most items right wins.