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Baby Shower Host - Caucasian 4 Game Pack (8 Guests)

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Baby Shower Host - Caucasian 4 Game Pack (8 Guests)

4 Games pack  for you and your guests to enjoy 8 Game cards supplied. The games are our top sellers which we have now put into a pack to save you time and money. For extra game cards please select below Feed The Baby Game: This is our top seller, simply blindfold each guest give them a personalised sticker to then place on the baby closest to the lips wins! This game will cater for up to 35 people.

If less guests are coming then why not use the spare bottle stickers as name tags! Prediction Game Cards: Each guest will be given a Prediction game card to predict the baby's eye colour weight, time of labour etc. Words Of Wisdom Cards: These are very special cards that parents can keep for the baby with the perfect advice of life and growing up. These are one of our top sellers. Dress The Baby Game: This maze game is harder than it looks. Each guest will need to find the baby sleep suit through the maze  to dress the baby