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Bow or Bowtie Basic Party Pack (8 Guests)

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Bow or Bowtie Basic Party Pack (8 Guests)

Baby Shower Party Pack for 8 people: You are hosting a baby shower and there is so much to decide so we have put together a party kit with the basic essentials you will need for your table. With just a simple Click Buy and Party you will receive: 8 Plates 8 Cups 16 Napkins 1 table cover and 5 Baby Shower balloons If you need extra items just select below and we will send out the following items dependent on the number of guests: 16 Guests: 16 Plates, 16 napkins, 16 Cups, 1 table cover, 5 balloons 24 Guests: 24 Plates, 24 cups and 32 napkins, 2 table covers, 5 balloons 32 Guests: 32 Plates, 32 Cups and 32 Napkins, 2 table covers, 5 balloons