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Express 4 Games Pack for up to 32 people

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Express 4 Games Pack for up to 32 people

Great Express Games pack contains 4 games for up to 32 people including our latest addition Baby Charades plus 3 miniature Chocolate Champagne prize bottles. The following games are included. Best Seller Feed The Baby Game: Baby's hungry and needs its bottle. This is twist of Pin the Tail on The Donkey. Blindfold your guests and in turn let them try feeding the baby. The person closest to the middle of the Baby's mouth wins. There is space on the bottles to write each guests name. Why not personalise for free. Deliver the babies: 12 white babies are supplied with this game. Sweet Baby Guess Game: Simply guess the number of sweets on the Sheet provided. The closest guess wins the bottle with the miniature heart shaped chocolate sweets. Comes with a Game card for up to 32 people to make a guess. Baby Charades: Be ready for fun filled action. This game will have you in stitches. Simply divide your guests into teams and each person in turn pulls out a an action charade and you have to guess what they are trying to do!! There are a total of 32 actions to act out.