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Express 4 Games Pack for up to 32 people

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Express 4 Games Pack for up to 32 people

Great Express Games pack contains 4 games for up to 32 people including:

  • Feed the Baby game, one of our best selling games! A twist on the party classic pin the tail on the donkey, blindfold your guests and attempt to place the bottle sticker by baby's mouth!
  • Deliver the Babies: 12 white babies are supplied with this game.
  • Sweet Baby Guess Game: Simply guess the number of sweets on the sheet provided
  • Baby Charades: Be ready for fun filled action, this game will have you in stitches! Simply divide your guests into teams and each person in turn pulls out a an action charade and you have to guess what they are trying to do! 32 cards to act out.
  • 3 stick of rock (champagne bottle in image no longer available)