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Baby Shower Ideas and download guide

We have out together a guide to help you through planning a baby shower and also you can download a helpful planning guides

Who should you invite?

Baby showers can involve both parents or just the mother, so the first question is are you going to invite both parents-to-be, or just Mum? Also consider how many people you want to invite. Will it be close friends, family, or a larger gathering.

A surprise party?

Is this a surprise baby shower for the mother, or will she be in the know?

If it is a surprise you will probably need to liaise with close family members and friends to ensure people aren't left off the guest list. Download and print off our Guest Planner PDF so you can keep track of who you've invited, whether they have replied or not, and their contact details.

What is your budget?

This will vary for depending on the size of the event, what you plan to do, and the number of people coming.

The main cost will be food, but remember that expenditure will soon increase if you are hiring a venue. In addition to this, you'll need to put money aside to buy tableware, decorations, games, favours and all the other gifts and goodies well sell here at Baby Shower Host.

Be sure to download and print off our Shopping List Planner to help you keep track of what you've bought and to stay within your budget.

Which venue?

This again depends on the number of people attending, but generally baby showers are held at home, local halls, restaurants, gardens. But lets face it, you can hold one anywhere really!

What type of food?

You can have a buffet, barbecue or sit-down meal. Also consider eating out at a restaurant to save preparing lots of food, but this is of course a more expensive option.

If you need to order specialist cakes, cupcakes or baked goods, then ensure these are ordered in advance but not to soon that they will go out-of-date by the time the party comes around.

Are you going to play games?

Games are great icebreakers - especially if some of the guests don't know each other. We have a huge selection to choose from: active games, sit-down games and games involving props such as dummy necklaces and plastic babies.

Baby Shower Preparation

Being prepared is key. You need to know what needs to be done well in advance. For this task, download and use our Event Planner to make sure nothing gets forgotten. If it's going to be a hectic day, download our free itinerary so you can schedule what will happen, so there are no unwanted surprises.

Tips for day of the party:

  • Welcome your guests: maybe have fun badges so everyone knows each others names.
  • Ensure each guest is presented to the guest of honour - the mum-to-be
  • Let everyone introduce themselves whilst they mingle and chat.
  • Serve light snacks and drinks with music to get the party going.
  • Allow time for presents and cards to be opened so everyone can see what the mum-to-be has received. Keep a note of who gave what so thank you cards can be written afterwards.
  • A nice way to thank your guests for coming is to give them a memorable gift from the day in the shape of favours. They can be sweets, gifts or token keepsakes so that everyone can remember the day.
  • Finally, have fun and enjoy yourselves!