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Mini Heart Chocolates Pink (1kg)

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Mini Heart Chocolates Pink (1kg)

1kg of high quality pink mini heart-shaped chocolates. Ideal for making up you own party favours.

Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Powder Cocoa, Cocoa aste, Rice Startch, Maltodextrine, Flavour. Emulsifying Agent: Soy Lecitine. Covering: Carnauba Wax. Colouring Agent: white (E171), pink E120 (E124 for Kosher), blue (E131 – E132 – E133), green (E131 – E102: it can negatively influence on the activity and the attention of children), yellow (E160a), silver (E174), gold (E174, E172, E171, E100, E102.E555, orangen (E160a), ivory (E160a-E155), bordeaux E120 (E124 for Kosher), peach (E120 (E124 for Kosher), E160a), violet (E120, (E124 for  Kosher), E131), red (E124). May contain nuts.