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Pregnancy Fun 3 Game Pack and Prizes

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Pregnancy Fun 3 Game Pack and Prizes

A pack of 3 fun and exciting games that are perfect for your baby shower. Included in the pack are; 1x Sperm and egg game - based on the game Pin the Tail on the Donkey, stick the sperm stickers (24 included) to the egg. The game is A3 size. 1 x Tummy Garland for guessing what size Mum's tummy is 1x Deliver the baby - bury the babies into some uncooked rice or sweets. Blind fold the contestant and get them to rummage around to find the babies and pull them out. The person who delivers the most babies in the shortest time wins. 12 babies, approx. 2-3cm are included, as well as a blindfold and scoring sheet 3x Bath fizzer game prizes in the shape of ice cream cones